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We are a full service, software and electrical engineering company from Earth.

We design and develop websites, applications, enterprise and mobile solutions, custom IoT hardware and software solutions  and other awesome full-stack programming services.

We build software that works and delivers real business value to our clients. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we are ready to assist you at every stage of the software development life cycle — from conceptualization and consulting to development and support.

We’re more than just developers – we solve business problems. Here's what some our clients says about us.

  • brainstorming
    We stay ahead of the technology curve through proactive R&D efforts in order to provide the best solution.
  • design
    Our services range from custom application design and development to logo design and visual branding and beyond.
  • coding
    We design and develop solution tailored to your demands in a way that ultimately meets all your goals, expectations, and requirements.
  • customer
    Once your solution is fully developed, we can help you determine the proper hosting and distribution mechanism for your system.


Cyber Security & Penetration Testing

Every business faces its own set of challenges when it comes to data security threats, and regardless of your company size, we offer complete Cyber Security Solutions & Consulting Services to protect information & mitigate security risks.

We can help you identifying unsafe code and exploitable vulnerabilities in your web applications and API's, vulnerabilities within your networks and devices accessible from the Internet, as well as internal servers.

We offer few different types of services (Black-Box, Gray-Box and White-Box).

Black-Box Penetration Testing is the type of testing that is the most realistic, but also has the greatest potential to overlook a vulnerability that exists within the internal part of network or application. During this testing we do not have any information provided by client what's behind the web application, network or any type of accounts. It's our mission to obtain the sensitive information needed to proceed, and find vulnerabilities.

Grey-Box Penetration Testing is the type of engagement when we have been granted some internal access and knowledge that may come in the form of low level credentials, application business logic or network infrastructure.

White-Box Penetration Testing is the type of testing which includes full access to source code of these applications, also high level credentials. Purpose of this type of testing is to identify poorly written code, misconfigurations, logical vulnerabilities.

In our penetration test reports we list all the tools and the exact commands used to achieve our testing results so that members of your internal team can replicate these and verify the system after patching discovered vulnerabilities.

Note, we do not provide physical penetration testing services (e.g. physically sneaking into your server room, playing rubber-ducky attack, delivering malicious hardware etc.), also we do not perform any type of social-engineering attack (e.g. impersonating someone over the phone to get sensitive information).

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We'd rather be great, not big.
We are a small team of experienced software developers, designers and hardware engineers.
Having that said, we can basically build anything you need.

We are not good at excuses, missed deadlines and low productivity.
Most of the times we are focused on web application and web service development, but we are not limited just to that, so please take a look what else we are working on.
Web Development
Hardware Development
Mobile Development
Cyber Security
Depending of the actual client request we can use different techniques and technologies in order to produce the best solution, but in general, we prefer using these technologies.

Web Development: .NET, ServiceStack, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, Vue.JS, MS Azure
Hardware Development: IoT, Smart House, Car Diagnostic, PCB & Firmware Design, EagleCAD, LTSpice Simulation
Mobile Development: Native Android & iOS, Cordova
Desktop Development: .NET, NW.js

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office milestones.

We care about the end result of your project just as much as you do.

In our experience the agile approach works best when it comes to achieving optimal business value.
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    coffee cups per dayWe enjoy every sip, and we transform it in code!

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    trees saved per dayWe don't deal with paper, we are fully digital company.

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    emails sent per dayNo just funny cats videos. We do work a lot, but we don't spam.

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    minutes late per dayWe respect yours and our time, and we don't let our engine run idle.

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